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 Lenovo G550 Review_2.

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PostSubject: Lenovo G550 Review_2.   Lenovo G550 Review_2. Icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 2:47 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->The new Lenovo G550 happens to be an update to the Value Line G530 with the primary difference being the shift coming from a 16: 10 to a new 16: 9 screen. This really becoming a common trend for most manufacturers, as they shift on the now more standardized 04: 9 screens. The most significant question on our opinions is how well this approach updated budget notebook works; considering the previous modification earned award. Lenovo devised the Lenovo G550 15. 6-inch notebook to offer you business professionals reliable, budget friendly and straightforward PC technological innovation. While Lenovo is most widely known for its high-end ThinkPad mobile computers, it also offers a small range of high-quality beginner's machines. The latest will be the G550, a powerful, usable and portable strategy that vastly exceeds all expectations at the low price point.
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Typically the G550? s 2. 56kg frame has a tendency to promise equally thick-set quality, but it isn? t roughly ThinkPad standards. There? s nothing major to care about, but the chassis can be noticeably more pliant compared with Acer? s Aspire 5739G, not to mention there? s a fair volume of give in the street bike, too. If you do decide to take the weighty Lenovo on the travels, battery life is middle of this road: sitting idle aided by the screen set to core brighness it lasted 3hrs 52mins with a full charge. The amazing 15. 6-inch widescreen aboard aids entertainment use. Dazzling brightness, colour and contrast complement deep black levels meant for truly vibrant images. The glossy Super-TFT coating is absolutely not overly reflective, making it all to easy to view in most light conditions. The keyboard in your own home to type on, sharing an identical comfortable and durable believe as my ThinkPad T60 keyboard and only differing in layout. Individual key action is smooth without a audible click when pushed. The keys are textured accompanied by a smooth matte finish, rendering decent traction for keying... unlike the glossy keyboards were seeing on a lot more notebooks these days. Keyboard support is a plus, barely a hint of flex at the main section of your keyboard. The newer 07: 9 chassis on this G550 allowed Lenovo to provide a numberpad to the actual keyboard, but they didn't transform the support under that side in the keyboard frame. It doesn't apparently have much flex, but it has just enough to earn a squeaking sound against typically the optical drive when media down. Media-related keys are on a touch-sensitive mute and level up/down buttons located preceding the keyboard. The only two. 1GHz Core 2 Duo T6500 and 4GB of RAM would be a powerful combination, and the G550 did well in all our benchmarks, achieving an overall credit score of 62. Rather when compared with Intel dedicated graphics, there are an Nvidia GeForce H 105M graphics chip. This unique managed only 9. 4fps within Call of Duty several test, which isn't most of an improvement over built in graphics. However, it need to provide enough power designed for older strategy games. The 320GB harddrive provides plenty of safe-keeping, and is a welcome improvement through the previous model's 250GB drive. The laptops offer constant connectivity with WiFi, Ethernet not to mention optional Bluetooth. They also feature VeriFace technology and built-in dslr cameras. The G550 laptop features a numeric keypad pertaining to ease in logging facts, high speed memory, the hottest Intel Centrino 2 brand technology and choices in NVIDIA graphics. The new Lenovo G550 utilizes a slightly smaller battery as opposed to G530, but with a efficient processor it occupies less power and becomes longer runtimes. The G550 stayed jogging for 4 hours and 18 minutes within tests with the display brightness reduced to 70%, Vista at the Balanced power profile, not to mention wireless active. This provides great progress over the original 3 days and 29 minutes the G530 managed which has a larger battery. While I hate to ascertain the battery capacity greatly reduce, at least the efficiency comprised for it and bought us a net obtain in battery life. Masters: - Almost tough enough to stand on -- Textured interior and outdoor finish hides smudges and also fingerprints - Comfortable and also solid keyboard Cons: - Missing features by previous revision Asli Mana will be writer of this laptop computer article. You can uncover more about notebook versions at relevant notebook brand model page. <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Lenovo G550 Review_2.
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