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 What is HDMI

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PostSubject: What is HDMI   What is HDMI Icon_minitimeTue Nov 08, 2011 4:03 pm

High Definition Multimedia Interface
is an uncompressed signal, while the aforesaid interfaces are entirely analog.
With an interface, a digital source is interpreted into less accurate analog,
sent to the TV, then changed back to a signal to view on screen. At every
translation, the digital signal misplaces integrity, effecting in some twist of
image quality. HDMI maintains the source
signal, removing analog conversion to send the richest, sharpest picture
Previous video interfaces needed separate audio wires, w/ the large majority
of individuals making use of standard RCA R/L audio jacks. High Definition Multimedia Interface, w/ its
abundant speed and bandwidth, handles not only video but also up to 8 audio
channels for uncompromised sound. It changes the tangle of cables behind the
system with a cable, greatly shortening the whole process of setup of the home
theater system while giving top level performance.
Though Type A or standard HDMI has 19
cables, Type B will have 29 cables. The last is aimed for the motion picture business
and some professional applications. Both assortments are Intelligent HDMI, submitting to the fixed ability for HDMI components to talk to each other using
the interface. Auxiliary info could give complete remote functionality and some
other special features impossible in previous technologies.
HDMI helps video formats, high-definition
and enhanced video. It is backwards compatible w/ Digital Video Interface or DVI
as well. High end video cards showing a Digital Video Interface port could link
to a HDMI interface using an HDMI/DVI
cable. This is just a cable w/ a DVI connector on one side and an HDMI connector on the other side. As a law, HDMI cables shouldnꊰ run longer than 5 meters
or 15 feet, because decreasing of the signal can occur.

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What is HDMI
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