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 Market Your Business With Videos How To Get Started

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PostSubject: Market Your Business With Videos How To Get Started   Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:37 pm

Online videos are more popular than ever. They抮e a great marketing strategy when it comes to getting the word out about you and your business. But before you buy your favorite video creation software and USB headset, there are a few things to think about before getting started.

You抳e probably heard the saying, 揥hen you fail to plan, you plan to fail.?Nothing could be so true as when applied to video creation. Sure, you can just throw together anything and post it to YouTube or Google Video. But, when it comes to your reputation and that of your company, a little upfront planning can reap many future benefits.

There are four key areas to explore before you jump into the wonderful world of video creation.

1. Why do you want to create a video? When it comes to investing your time, money, and energy, it抯 best that your head and heart be aligned. If you抮e not passionate about using video to promote your business, you would probably be better off not doing it. Passion shows. If video isn抰 your thing, move on to something else that is. There are hundreds of other effective ways to promote your business ?from blogging to joint venture relationships and everything in between.

2. Who is your target market? If you抳e been in business any length of time, you抮e well versed on the qualities and quirks of your audience. For start-up entrepreneurs, however, you need to do your homework. Take the time to define the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client or customer. This information will be invaluable when it comes to designing and developing your video. You must make sure your message is on target with the folks with whom you want to connect. If not, your efforts may be wasted.

3. What抯 the purpose of your video? As a business owner, you may have any number of reasons for wanting to create a video. Here are some of the most popular ones:

To entertain: Maybe you want to provide viewers with something light and fun, but which still clearly communicates your company抯 brand.

To instruct: You may want to teach your viewers something ?like how to use one of your products. If you sell services, then perhaps you might script a video that describes a process you go through with a new client or customer.

To request feedback: You can introduce a new product or concept and then ask for feedback. You can ask viewers to fill out a questionnaire by visiting your website. You might give them a special incentive like a coupon or an opportunity to download free information.

To take action: A video is a great way to get someone to take action. Interspersed throughout your presentation, you can invite the viewer to call or visit your website to take advantage of a special offer.

4. What will you include? As part of your upfront planning, make a list of what you want to include in your video. This will help you to organize your project to make sure you have the necessary resources in place.

Some things you might need for your video include: video creation software, high quality microphone, music, photographs, graphics, other video for use in the video (picture in picture), voice narration / script, multiple voice narration, callouts, interactive links (some videos have interactivity programmed within them to allow the viewer to go to different parts of the video, interact with the video, or click through to a link to view other material or to download files), cast members (customers, company employees, and others who may be a part of the voice narration or the actual video), and permissions (signoffs from everyone who participates or provides content for the video).

If you do some preliminary planning with pencil and paper, you can save yourself hours of frustration in the future. You抣l develop a process that makes video creation faster, easier, more fun, and hopefully, profitable for you and your business.

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Market Your Business With Videos How To Get Started
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